What are the best Magnets for Magnet Fishing?

What are the best Magnets for Magnet Fishing?

The best magnet for magnet fishing is the one that will help you find the most treasure.

Magnet fishing is a relatively new hobby, and most magnets on the market are not designed specifically for this purpose. Single-sided and double-sided magnets are commonly advertised as magnet fishing magnets, but even though they can be strong, they are not very effective for this hobby.

Single-sided fishing magnets

Single-sided magnets are designed to attach to flat metal surfaces with their pull force focused directly from the bottom. This makes them great for attaching directly to objects, but when you drag them through the water, the flat surface is angled sideways, making them very ineffective for magnet fishing. You can lower a single-sided magnet down and effectively retrieve an object directly below it, but this is a very limited function of use.

Most people who buy a single-sided magnet will either get bored with the hobby from the lack of finds or upgrade their magnet after soon realizing it was a waste of money. That's why we started Bondi Magnets: to help people enjoy the hobby of magnet fishing by finding more treasure. We definitely don't want people to give up or waste their money, which is why we don't sell single-sided magnets.

Double-sided fishing magnets

Double-sided magnets may sound perfect for magnet fishing, but they are actually worse than single-sided magnets. I was tempted to buy a double-sided magnet when I first started magnet fishing, but luckily I was introduced to the hobby by Hannie, a long-time magnet fisher who knew better. As the name suggests, double-sided magnets are magnetic on both sides. So you might think that dragging a double-sided magnet along a river bottom would ensure a catch, but this isn't the case. Double-sided magnets are weaker on both sides, making them terrible for magnet fishing. I don't know what they were originally designed for, but it definitely wasn't magnet fishing. Don't waste your money.

Not to get too technical, but some materials are better than others in any application. For example, not all plastic bags are created equal. Some bags are stronger than others, even though they're both called "plastic bags." The same is true for neodymium magnets. Two magnets may both be called "neodymium magnets," but one may be much stronger than the other. Keep this in mind as you read the next paragraph.

The best: 360 fishing magnets

So what’s the best magnet for magnet fishing? Neodymium 360 magnets are extremely powerful, magnetic on all sides, and are the best magnets for magnet fishing. Unlike double-sided magnets, the 360 magnets don’t lose strength by being magnetic on more sides. 360 magnet fishing magnets have a wide magnet field and a very strong pull force which allows them to attract metal objects out of muddy river bottoms at any angle. So even if you want a beginner magnet it’s essential to have a 360 magnet so that you will find more treasure and not waste your time. This is why Bondi Magnets only sells the best 360 Neodymium magnets made for magnet fishing.

I hope you find this information useful and you find more treasure because of it.

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