About Bondi Magnets

 Bondi Magnets was founded with one mission: crafting top-notch magnets for magnet fishing at unbeatable prices. Each shiny gold magnet is made with care to help you snag the most dazzling treasures from the water. Plus, we’ve got all the gear you need for a successful magnet fishing adventure.

Choosing Bondi Magnets means opting for quality that lasts. We want your purchase to be a one-time deal, which is why we use only the best materials and techniques during production. Our magnets are made with precision using high-quality machinery, ensuring they’re strong and durable in every size. A Bondi magnet never loses its power. All sides are equally strong, year after year. With Bondi Magnets, you’ll enjoy endless fun without breaking the bank - and it’s eco-friendly too!

To sweeten the deal, every magnet fishing purchase comes with our signature golden Bondi Cover, keeping your magnet safe no matter what. Even if it takes a tumble or a near-miss, the golden Bondi Cover has got you covered - and it looks stylish too.

As you might have guessed, our name is inspired by the legendary Bondi Treasure Hunter, the ultimate magnet fishing pro. We’ve worked closely with Bondi Treasure Hunter to develop and test all our magnets, ensuring they’re of the highest quality for your magnet fishing adventures.

When it comes to magnet fishing, single-sided or double-sided magnets just don't cut it. That's why we only sell 360° magnets that are made specifically for magnet fishing. Bondi Magnets are magnetic on all sides and made from extremely strong, high-quality neodymium magnets.

At Bondi Magnets, we offer a range of magnets for all levels of magnet fishing enthusiasts:
The Nugget: Perfect for beginners keen to explore.
The Jackpot: A versatile magnet suitable for enthusiasts of all levels.
The Bondi Gold: The magnet of choice for Bondi Treasure Hunter himself.
The El Dorado: The heavy-duty option for experienced magnet fishers looking to up their game.

Still not sure which magnet is right for you? Check out our product pages or drop us an email - we’re here to help you find your perfect match!