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Bondi Magnets

The Jackpot magnet - 1080 kg / 2380 lbs

The Jackpot magnet - 1080 kg / 2380 lbs

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The Jackpot Magnet

Introducing the ultimate all-rounder! The Jackpot is designed for the magnet fisher who actively seeks out the most exquisite bottom treasures. The Jackpot magnet strikes the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. With the Jackpot, you have a magnet powerful enough to uncover larger treasures while minimizing the risk of getting stuck. Bring home the Jackpot, and you’re guaranteed years of bountiful catches before you might consider upgrading to a stronger magnet.

How powerful is the Jackpot?
With this magnet, you can reel in piggy banks, small safes, and even harder-to-find treasures like phones. Looking to find bicycles? That’s certainly possible with the Jackpot too! Just remember to order a grappling hook or opt for our budget-friendly Jackpot Kit!

The Jackpot fishing magnet comes with a free golden Bondi Cover for the ultimate protection of your magnet. We’ve made the golden cover as thin as possible (1mm) so that the magnetic pulling force isn’t affected, yet your magnet remains well-protected! No more broken corners on your magnet - with our unique golden Bondi cover, your magnet is safe for every throw.

Magnets away!

The Jackpot comes with:
- Golden Bondi sleeve for protecting your magnet
- Gloves
- Loctite

Want to ensure you don’t lose your magnet underwater? Order a Heavy Duty Rope for worry-free magnet fishing.

Direct pulling force: 250kg
Combined pulling force: 1080kg
Dimensions (WxH inc. 1mm cover): 72x42mm

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The Bondi Magnets

The Bondi Magnets range is made specifically for magnet fishing. Single-sided or double-sided magnets just don’t cut it when it comes to magnet fishing. This is why we only sell 360° magnets. Bondi Magnets are magnetic on all sides and are EXTREMELY STRONG neodymium magnets. No matter what magnet you choose from our range, you will have a great time and find lots of treasure.