Collection: Cordes

Plus l'aimant est puissant, plus votre corde doit être solide. C'est pourquoi nous proposons notre propre corde ultra résistante Bondi en épaisseurs de 8 mm et 10 mm. Avec cette corde incroyablement solide,tu es sûr de remonter tous tes trésors et de ne jamais perdre ton aimant à cause d’une corde qui casse.
  • What is the best time of year to go magnet fishing?

    While magnet fishing can be done year-round, many prefer spring and autumn when water levels are often lower, and visibility is better.

  • Can magnet fishing be done in any type of water?

    Yes, magnet fishing can be done in rivers, lakes, canals, and even some coastal areas, but always consider the water conditions and local wildlife.

  • What should I do if I find something dangerous or historical while magnet fishing?

    Contact your local authorities or a historical society if you suspect an item could be dangerous or of historical significance.