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Bondi Magnets

Bondi Heavy Duty Rope 8mm, 20 meter (65ft.)

Bondi Heavy Duty Rope 8mm, 20 meter (65ft.)

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Don't lose your magnet underwater! 

This 8mm thick rope is the essential partner for your Nugget magnet, Jackpot magnet and grappling hook.

The stronger the magnet, the stronger your rope needs to be. That's why we offer our own super-strong Bondi Heavy Duty Rope in 8mm and 10mm thickness. With this incredibly strong rope, you'll guarantee to bring up all your treasures and never lose your magnet due to a snapping rope. Additionally, our Heavy Duty rope has several other important advantages! 


Our Heavy Duty ropes are:

  • Water-repellent, so no heavy and wet rope dripping with canal water. This ensures optimal comfort during magnet fishing!
  • Includes two stainless steel carabiner hooks. One clips onto your magnet, and the other attaches the rope to the bridge. This ensures every throw is safe. You can also easily clip your grappling hook to your rope. 
  • Extra reinforced at the loops with a protective sleeve. No matter how hard you pull or hoist, these loops won't come loose!
  • Can be used with a winch. This allows you to hoist even the treasures that are too heavy to lift by hand! With our rope, winch knots also come loose easily.
  • Easy to untie. Knots in moisture-retaining ropes become firmly stuck due to moisture and pulling force. The Bondi Heavy Duty Rope is made of 100% high-quality polyester, so it securely holds its knot when pulling and comes loose easily afterward!

For these reasons, our Bondi Heavy Duty Rope is the best rope on the market for magnet fishing. We developed this rope with the highest quality standards in mind. This means our Heavy Duty rope is double-braided from the highest quality polyester. The rope is non-elastic, water-repellent, and incredibly strong. It is therefore better for magnet fishing than climbing rope.

This magnet fishing rope is 20m long so you can cast far enough.

Which rope do we recommend? 

  • Bondi Heavy Duty Rope 8mm: Nugget magnet, Jackpot magnet, Grappling hook, Heavy Duty XL Bucket
  • Bondi Heavy Duty Rope 10mm: Bondi Gold magnet, El Dorado magnet, Holy Moly magnet.

Planning to get a heavier magnet in the future? Then opt for the 10mm rope now.


This Bondi Magnet rope is 20-meter (65ft.) in length and 8mm (.3-inch) in diameter

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