Safety during unboxing (IMPORTANT)

A fishing magnet seems like a harmless item, but it can easily cause injury and malfunction. Our fish magnets are magnetic on all sides, so it is important to keep the entire magnet away from sensitive materials. Therefore, take the following precautions when unpacking:
  • Keep wallets with bank cards, watches, hard drives, headphones, cell phones and other electronic devices away. The magnet can destroy them beyond repair.
  • Check what in your immediate vicinity is made of metal. Do not unpack your magnet on a metal table.
  • Never unwrap two magnets at the same time! When the magnets cling to each other they will be very difficult if not impossible to separate. If your hands get between them you can get very serious injuries.
Now take a wrench and firmly tighten the nut on top of the magnet. Remember: the wrench is magnetic, so be careful with your fingers. If necessary, you can use a little loctite (included) to permanently anchor the nut to the thread. That way you will never lose your magnet.

Be careful when attaching your rope: the karabiner is made of metal and therefore also magnetic. The safest and easiest way is to let the magnet do its job first and grab the carabiner. Then you can carefully push the karabiner into the correct position and anchor it to the ring on top of the fishing magnet.

Now put the magnet back in the box to take it to your magnet fishing location. Do you have one of our Heavy Duty buckets? Then put the rope in the bucket first, and place the magnet on top of that. That way the magnet doesn't grab on to metal through the bottom.