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The Jackpot magnet cover

The Jackpot magnet cover

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Protect your Jackpot magnet from scratches and impacts with our signature golden Bondi Magnet Covers. Your fishing magnet endures quite a bit of wear and tear, and after years of magnet fishing, your golden cover may start to show signs of wear. That’s why we also sell our Bondi Magnet Covers separately from our magnets. This way, you can give your experienced Jackpot magnet a fresh golden look. This cover is precisely tailored for the Jackpot.

The Jackpot Magnet Cover:

• Essential protection for preserving your fishing magnet
• Ensures your magnet lasts for years
• Guards against drops and impacts
• So thin that it doesn’t affect the pulling force
• The best signature golden Bondi look for your Jackpot!
• Standardly included with our magnets, replacement covers available.

Why is a cover necessary?
The 360 magnets used for fishing magnets are made of 100% Neodymium. This is the strongest permanent magnet material available. However, Neodymium is very brittle and easily chips away. This isn’t due to our manufacturing process but is a typical characteristic of Neodymium magnets. If you throw a Neodymium magnet onto a rock, a piece might break off. That’s why a cover is so important.

Does the cover affect the pulling force of my magnet?
We’ve made our magnet covers as thin as possible (1mm) using precision equipment to minimize their impact on the magnetism of the magnet. As a result, the difference in pulling force with the cover is practically negligible. Additionally, the bottom of the magnet cover is open, so there’s no difference where the magnet pulls the strongest.

At Bondi Magnets, we believe it’s important for you to safely magnet fish for years without damaging your magnet. That’s why Bondi Magnets is the only magnet fishing store that includes a cover with every magnet. Always the best protection for your beautiful magnet. We think that’s more than logical! And if your cover doesn’t look nice anymore? We’re happy to provide a shiny new golden cover.

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