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Bondi Magnets, specially made for magnet fishing

The Jackpot kit

The Jackpot kit

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Introducing The Jackpot Magnet, the ideal all-rounder for your magnet fishing adventures. This magnet strikes the perfect balance by having enough power to find big treasures while limiting the risk of getting stuck. With the Jackpot magnet by your side, you will have years of treasure-hunting adventures ahead of you before you might want an upgrade to a stronger magnet.

The Jackpot magnet is strong enough to retrieve a wide array of treasures, from bikes and money boxes to small safes and even harder-to-catch items like phones. I’m sure you’re going to have a lot of fun shouting “Magnets Away!” with the Jackpot magnet. 

Also included in the kit:

Golden Bondi Magnet Cover

A magnet earns the Bondi title only if it gleams in shiny gold. That's why we include a protective cover with all our magnets as standard. We believe you should be able to enjoy your magnet for years without it getting damaged by magnet fishing. So let the gold shine!

Bondi Heavy Duty Rope

8mm thick, 20m long You don't want to lose such a strong magnet underwater. That's why a heavy-duty rope is the most important accessory. No more worries about a breaking rope and a lost magnet. Just worries about whether your muscles are big enough to retrieve that safe.

Bondi Extra Tough XL Bucket

Not only handy for storing your found treasures but also for transporting your magnet. Especially after magnet fishing, the magnet is often dirty, and putting it back in the box is not ideal. Hop, with rope and all, into the bucket. The Bondi XL bucket is extra sturdy and will never break or tear. Additionally, after magnet fishing, you can make the dock presentable again with a bucket of water.

Bondi Grappling Hook

Even the strongest magnet sometimes loses grip when your treasure comes out of the water. Especially bicycles and mopeds can be challenging to maintain grip on. With the Bondi Grappling Hook, these worries are a thing of the past. The three-point hook always grips your objects, and you can easily pull the biggest treasures onto the dock.

Gloves and Loctite are included in the Jackpot kit.

The size of the Jackpot is 72x42mm (WxH, including 1mm cover). The pull force of the magnet is 250 kg / 550 lbs and the combined force is 1080 kg / 2380 lbs.

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