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Bondi Magnets

The El Dorado magnet - 1600 kg / 3530 lbs

The El Dorado magnet - 1600 kg / 3530 lbs

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The El Dorado Magnet

We present to you a true beast in magnet fishing: the El Dorado magnet. This magnet is crafted especially for the most ambitious magnet fisher who leaves nothing to chance. WARNING: This heavyweight among fishing magnets is so strong that it comes with its fair share of risks. The El Dorado magnet clings onto anything with metal in it. Read here how to safely use and transport this magnet.

We can’t stress it enough, this powerful magnet is extreme. Every object even remotely magnetic is drawn to the El Dorado. From phones to safes, with the El Dorado magnet, you’re sure to empty the bottom completely. Speaking of emptying, the El Dorado is so strong that even in “fished-out” locations, you’ll still haul in treasures. All the deep treasures that other magnet fishers miss, this powerhouse brings to the surface.

The El Dorado fishing magnet comes with a free golden Bondi Cover for the ultimate protection of your magnet. We’ve made the golden cover as thin as possible (1mm) so that the magnetic pulling force isn’t affected, yet your magnet remains well-protected. No more broken corners on your magnet - with our unique golden Bondi cover, your magnet is safe for every throw. Read more about our Bondi magnet covers here.

Magnets away!

ESSENTIAL: for the El Dorado, you’ll need our most Heavy Duty Rope (10mm) to prevent the magnet from being lost underwater. Order it here, or opt for the budget-friendly El Dorado Kit to be prepared for every find.

The El Dorado comes with:
- Golden Bondi sleeve for protecting your magnet
- Gloves
- Loctite

Direct pulling force: 380kg
Combined pulling force: 1600kg
Dimensions (WxH inc. 1mm cover): 92x52mm

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The Bondi Magnets

The Bondi Magnets range is made specifically for magnet fishing. Single-sided or double-sided magnets just don’t cut it when it comes to magnet fishing. This is why we only sell 360° magnets. Bondi Magnets are magnetic on all sides and are EXTREMELY STRONG neodymium magnets. No matter what magnet you choose from our range, you will have a great time and find lots of treasure.